• 1. Introduction:Asking for Directions

  • 1.1.Introduction:Giving Directions

  • 2. Reading Directions

  • 3. introducing maps.me

    maps.me Logo

    • How to download maps.me:

      • follow the given link to the webpage
      • push the button download on the AppStore
      • follow the instructions to install the App
  • 3.1. Speaking:How I get to school!

  • 4. Writing:Attractions in London

    • In your group of four imagine you are in London and you are doing a Bus Tour. You can take the BIG Bus Tour website for support. 

      Look at the map of London and decide on four attractions where you want to hopp off. Find the best route on how you'll do it by bus. Together describe the route you chose. In your description you should include: 

      • at which attractions you want to hopp off
      • how long it will take approximately by bus (maps.me car function)
      • a description of the route you are taking 

      Write a description and add a screenshot of your map. Upload both files. 

      You can meet in the Big Blue Button Meeting Room online! 

      BIG Bus Tour London. (2023). https://www.bigbustours.com/de/london/rote-route-london (03.07.2023).

  • 5. Speaking:Giving directions

  • 6. Quiz:Asking and giving directions

  • 7. Word Bank